Food purchasing for catering

Using the finest ingredients

We have a passion for fabulous food/produce and it is at the centre of everything we do.

At Pride Catering we appreciate that there is increasing desire for local food, produced in a sustainable way. We only pick the best, insist on maximum freshness and have spent a great deal of time in building up a network of trusted local, regional and national suppliers.

Food sourcing and produce quality is very important to us, so we use the finest British produce from local farmers, growers and suppliers.

By using local and regional producers our suppliers arrangements are structured to ensure that customers receive an irresistible food offer at the best possible price. To help with this end, we use an intelligence-led specialist food procurement company who negotiate the best supply arrangements. The effect of our net purchasing arrangements is that we can consistently achieve significant savings when compared to other suppliers. Plus all of our suppliers are vetted to ensure due diligence standards of care are met and that there is water-tight product traceability.

British Farmers & Growers

We use local suppliers for as many of our products as we can. Our butcher can inform us of the farm where the meat has come from. All our meat is sourced from the Home Counties and we like to use fruit and vegetables that are in season. We have nurtured partnerships with a series of farmers, producers and suppliers with whom we work closely with:

Surrey Dairy

Our eggs are free range and we prefer it that way, happy in the knowledge they come from contented hens. We like to order from Catherine and Philip Colton at their family owned West Horsley Dairy in Surrey. The eggs are Freedom Farm supplied too, which is RSPCA approved.

With regards to milk, it has to be organic, Soil Association approved and it comes from West Horsley’s partner dairies that are located in West London; Hampshire & Bedfordshire. Ensuring us local provenance and reduced food-miles.

Devon Yoghurt

Peter and Carol Duncan at Stapleton Farm make the finest quality yogurt. They keep it simple.
Just creamy milk from a local herd of Jersey cows, touch of unrefined cane sugar and top-quality fruit. Honest, real food that can be enjoyed, safe in the knowledge there is absolutely nothing artificial and no scary-sounding e-numbers, thickeners, sweeteners or stabilisers.

Home-Counties Meat

Our meat is British and comes from farms that have the Red Tractor standard. The Red Tractor is an independent mark of quality that guarantees that the food comes from those farms meets the high standards of hygiene and animal welfare. For pork we prefer go for out-door reared and our lamb is EBLEX quality standard.

Fruit & Vegetables

Where do we start with greengrocery!? With so much wonderful produce available in the South East – the garden of England! From apples to pears and strawberries to tomatoes, we source some of the finest fruit and vegetables with the help of Foodari (purveys of fresh produce) from growers who are selected because of their remarkable quality:

  • Mushrooms, Abbey View Produce, Kent
  • Stephen’s Lettuces, Church Farm, Offham Kent
  • Hugh’s Apples, Newlands Farm, Teyham, Kent
  • Chris’ Tomatoes, Europa Nurseries, Goldstone, Kent
  • Mark’s Strawberries, Norham Farm, Selling & Links Farm, Deal, Kent
  • Colin’s Brocolli, Gorend Farm, Birchington, Kent
  • Nigel’s Pears, River Farm, Staplehurst, Kent
  • Trevor’s Cauliflowers, Boundary Farm, Wingham, Kent
  • Tom’s Potatoes, Morghew Estate, Tenterden, Kent
  • James’ Herbs, Cherry Tree Farm, Appledore, Kent

For our final word we would like to mention Fair-trade produce, because for those few ingredients that originate from around the world like bananas, coffee and cocoa powder, we only like to use qualified Fair-trade.