Catering for schools and colleges

We pride ourselves on being ahead of, and being a part of the school food revolution. Since our formation, we have aimed to transform school catering. And now that the School Food Standards keep being improved and updated, school meals have never before been so nutritious and varied.

This means providing lunch that doesn’t just fill a hole, but fuels students’ minds and bodies throughout day, ensuring they have the energy they need to excel at everything they do. Making the food we provide in schools healthier has only been half the battle. Young people have to want to eat them and this has been achieved with hard work and enthusiasm by Pride’s catering team.

How do we do this?

Fresh Food, Fresh Ideas, Fresh Approach.

Fresh Food – We don’t prepare things weeks in advance or buy in sandwiches, we make our own! Everything our young people eat is made freshly, onsite that day. This means the food is more nutritional and tastier too.

Fresh Ideas from around the world – Within our modern day society we have a range of cultures and nationalities. Great for a varied diet and our taste-buds! We all appreciate home comfort foods such as roast dinners, cottage pies and Cumberland sausages, but we also take inspiration from international cuisines like Mexican, Thai and Italian to provide interesting and diverse menus. We like to keep it interesting – variety is the spice of life and we embrace this. From tempting fragrant curries, to jerk chicken and enchiladas, everyone has a chance to try something new.

Fresh Approach – At our secondary schools and Colleges the students can keep in touch to what’s on the menu each week by a simple mobile phone app. We can provide a complete range of services, from planning a new kitchen, installing a teppan grill or hot chute for warm paninis, to opening a deli and juice bar.

Students have a different meals every day for most of a term should they wish. There are meal deals, monthly and seasonal specials, alongside our usual range of food on offer including hot main meals, jackets, baguettes, salads, panini, wraps, pasta pots, and more!


Case study: Burlington School’s Catering takes off with Pride

Burlington Primary School in New Malden appointed Pride Catering to provide a comprehensive choice of lunch service. Pride won the contract by demonstrating just how much emphasis they place on freshly prepared quality food. The contract was awarded in the summer which gave Pride just a couple of months to design and build a brand new kitchen before the new term started!

The Headteacher commented:

“We appointed Pride because of their commitment to fresh food and nutritional menus. We liked their style and approach and have been delighted with the results. Our new kitchen, which Pride designed and installed, is a fantastic facility for the school.

Another benefit, apart from well fed and happy children, is the increase in free school meals. We had a very small number when we had a sandwich lunch service, this has now jumped fourfold and as a result the school will receive additional funding. We really are delighted”

Pride Catering provide a choice of two hot freshly prepared main Dishes of the Day (one vegetarian), a jacket potato with filling, comprehensive salad bar plus a selection of hot and cold desserts. Pride encourages children from the start of their very first school meal to eat healthily. Also, to make it easy and fun, the fresh fruit is cut into small bite size pieces – fresh pineapple, raspberries and mandarin in segments all prove very popular.