Senior Couple in care home

Catering for senior living

Pride Catering is extremely proud to be part of the Assisted Living transformation that gained popularity at the start of the millennium. With Assisted Living our customers retain independence in their own apartment, but have the reassurance of on-site management and security. Leaving us to take care of some of the daily chores (like the cooking!) and meaning they can enjoy life in a socially active and supportive environment. Customers have the option to eat in our waitress-service restaurants or dine at home.

Not only do we cater for Assisted Living Developments, we also provide the catering in Residential Care, Nursing, Day Care Centres and Extra Care sites. We understand the importance of good, nutritious, tempting and tasty food in all those homes. Meals punctuate the day and are anticipated with pleasure and savoured when served. All such homes have special requirements and at Pride we recognise and support the nutritional needs of our clients, cater for special diets which operate alongside our regular menus.

Traditional simplicity with meals can be contrasted with more sophisticated menus to cater for the personal tastes of the individuals in your care. Our fresh ingredients policy is underpinned by friendly personal and courteous service.

We currently cater for many clients in both the independent and charity sectors. We remove management headaches and help with regulation and contribute to their business strength, whilst also allowing our clients to concentrate on their core role.

Our Senior Managers are highly experienced in healthcare catering and they demonstrate operational management disciplines of the highest order; our people management skills, training and development, procurement and food innovation resources.

We work in close collaboration with NACC (National Association of Care Catering) to contribute and keep abreast of developments in care catering and promote and enrich the standards within the sector. Plus we work, and are accredited by the Soil Associations Food for Life Catering Mark Standards. The Catering Mark provides an independent endorsement that meals are fresh, healthy, use sustainable ingredients and meet the nutritional elements. Our range of benefits includes:

  • Delicious fresh food cooked on site each day
  • Varied, nutritional, tasty choice from three courses
  • Local, seasonal and ethically-sourced produce
  • Dietary and cultural requirements fully catered for
  • Added value catering to supplement core service
  • Residents able to choose either in advance or at the table
  • Service from trained waiting staff in smart uniforms
  • A flexible approach to replacement meals
  • Continuous engagement with all service users
  • Focus on resident satisfaction; restaurant to be the ‘Heart of the Scheme’
  • Highest Health & Safety standards
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners all year round
  • Catering and ancillary staff training
  • Premium barista style coffee offer available too
  • Marketing plans to highlight our daily offer, forthcoming events and promotions

Case study: FirstPort

Pride Catering are delighted to provide the catering for the residents within a collection of Assisted Living developments that are owned and managed by FirstPort Retirement Property Services.  The developments are safe, welcoming properties, where the residents can feel secure in their home and part of a community.

The food offer is waitress served at lunchtime with a plated supper offer. Lunch is pre-ordered with a choice of fruit juice, starter, main meal and dessert (hot and cold), yoghurt and fruit platters.

We are targeted to attract 60% of the residents to the restaurant and regularly achieve over 80%; we also manage the Direct Debit charges to the residents, which has made significant administration savings for FirstPort.  That coupled with the relief staff support team, we are able to provide staff cover seven days a week, 365 days a year; much cheaper than using employment agency cover. 

Plus the training and support we offer the catering staff has ensured FirstPort achieved their objectives for contracting out. We are able to keep our clients ahead of the game on Health & Safety. All Risk assessments in the kitchen are carried out and updated by Pride staff, and an annual external Health & Safety audit report is supplied to our client.

As soon as we were awarded the contract by FirstPort we arranged a presentation day. We had four representatives from Pride including our Chief Executive, Mr Roger Aldridge and were joined by the main client, the Area manager and Estate Manager from FirstPort and together did a power point presentation to all the residents and catering staff at the development.

This was followed by a question and answer session, where they could get answers to any concerns they had. These questions ranged from would they still keep local suppliers, to what would happen to the catering staff they currently had. We explained about the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment regulations and stressed that where the catering was running well they would see little change, but the training and support for the catering staff would benefit all.