About us - Chefs at pride Catering

About Pride Catering

Pride Catering serves up delicious fresh food in inspiring ways to organisations all over London and the South East of England. Whatever area we cover, from staff restaurants, to Healthcare and Educational environments we provide a refreshing choice. Even if space and facilities are minimal, we can design and install deli bars and food counters, all operated by a dedicated catering team.

Pride has developed a reputation for fresh food, innovation and a personal approach. Accredited with Hospitality Assured for outstanding service, we simply want to provide the best possible catering service in every one of our sites and superb value for money for our clients and customers.

The way we work is guided by fresh thinking – we recognise that every catering requirement is unique. We combine a blend of motivated kitchen staff, meticulous kitchen management and made from scratch food that really hits the button. And to keep customers happy and keep it fresh, we are constantly innovating and developing the food offer to keep abreast of current trends.

Fresh food

We only use the best. We insist on maximum freshness and have built up a reliable network of trusted local, regional and national suppliers. Our first-rate selection of greengrocers, dairies, bakers and fishmongers know the standards we expect of them.

Fresh ideas

Our chefs are hand-chosen professionals who value traditional fare but are also innovative food enthusiasts who enjoy presenting customers with a contemporary choice. Either way, they delight in offering an ever-evolving menu selection.

Fresh approach

We nurture a close working relationship with our clients, with whom we like to share and develop ideas – for exciting and cost effective menus or designs for kitchens and eating areas which are attractive, functional and good to be in. And importantly, we treat our clients as partners, with accounts kept simple, all costs transparent and savings passed directly on to you: all in all, an approach that allows us to provide you with the best possible service at the most competitive price.